Zylofon executive lists their so-called ‘achievements’ in one year and it looks more like throwing money down a drain

Zylofon Media has so far proven themselves a bunch of clueless clowns running around with money in their pockets but little else to boast of.

With unlimited resources at their disposal, it’s hard to see what exactly the company is achieving in the industry but instead they keep getting embroiled in controversy after controversy.

However, production manager Enoch Atakorah is trying to set that record straight and has listed all the companies achievements in the short one year period they have been operating.

Unfortunately, these achievements sound really shallow and some are just downright atrocious, such as spending $4m to get Nigerian artists Wizkid, M.I and Davido to attend Becca’s concert.

Zylofon’s business model so far seems to be throw cash at the problem until it goes away, no foresight nor vision.

Maybe they know what they’re doing but the rest of us are really in the dark on that one.

Read Atakorah’s post below…

Enoch Atakorah

“A year ago, Ghanaians were screaming everywhere, there is no investment in music, our entertaiment industry is dead. No money for artistes to do shows and travel to promote their music, movie is dead..talents are not getting investments.

8 months ago, Zylofon signs 5 movie stars and 5 musicians including top guys Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy. Gives them cars, houses, pays for their travels to promote their music all over the world.

Zylofon organizes two major shows for Stonebwoy, Ashaiman to the world and Bhim concert. All paid for by Zylofon. No sponsors. Another big show for Becca as Zylofon paid and recorded her album..launched it and paid for marketing in Europe and everywhere. Spends over $4M to get Wizkid, Davido, MI, name them all to come to Becca’s show.

2 months ago Zylofon put down $1M arts fund for all player to access to invest in there creativity.

Zylofon has set up a fully paid A&R department, Sales and Distribution with outlet all over Ghana for artiste to sell their albums. Sets up online monetisation for all creative people.

To expand the conglomerate Zylofon buys space and has constructed a state of the art auditorium for performers.

They have invested in new branches in the UK to help GH artistes connect to Europe with their materials.

Zylofon has full time road managers, PROs, Video directors, help their signed artistes. Well they have opened TV and radio also to employ and create more platforms.

Well, they have a chopper and private jet for record labels operations.

In all these. Ghanaians are asking for Zylofon Music’s achievements in the one year they have been in existence. Ghanaians are saying..what have they done?

Yes, Kwame NKRUMAH came to Ghana. These same people. We are and forever be Ghanaians.

Can you imagine Zylofon being Nigerian??”

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