Why Sex Workers Don’t Accept Cash As Payment For ‘Services’ In Mlolongo

Commercial sex is thriving in Mlolongo town just like any other towns across the country.

The sex trade though illegal continues to flourish as young women and even men try to find ways of putting food on the table.

Unemployment and poverty are major reasons to why young women and men are engaging in commercial sex.

In Mlolongo, sex workers are doing everything to get clients.You will often spot these twilight girls dressed skimpily on the streets hunting for clients.

However, when it comes to payments, Mlolongo sex workers are strict.

These sex workers don’t accept any form of cash money.

After doing business, Mlolongo sex workers will demand you to pay through mobile money transfer services.

Here is why Mlolongo sex workers don’t take cash:

1. Fake money

Mlolongo sex workers say some clients are ‘crooked’ and often carry fake money which they use to pay for sex.

Maureen, a sex worker says cases where they are payed with fake money are common.

“You find a client and he ends up paying using fake cash causing trouble for us,” she says.

She observed that such clients take advantage of the darkness to pay using fake currency.

“We no longer accept cash unless if the client is a regular one,” Purity says.

“Many of our colleagues end up being arrested by police after being paid with fake money,” she adds.

2. Being robbed

Mlolongo sex workers argue that some of their clients pay and later rob them of the same money.

Stephanie, a sex worker says that cases of them being robbed by the same people are common.

“Our colleagues have been robbed by the same clients and as a precaution, we often demand them to pay through money mobile services,” she said.


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