Why Our Music Industry Is Going Down-Paa Boateng

Ghanaian Base Belgium,Paa Boateng Was Interviewed  On Why Our Music Industry Is Going And This Is What He Told Us.

 THIS MORNING I WAS REFLECTING ON WHY OUR MUSIC INDUSTRY IS GOING DOWN, the reason is WE ARE SO UNLUCKY TO COME FROM A PLACE(Called Ghana) WHERE PEOPLE SPEND MUCH MONEY ON THE DEAD THAN THE LIVING (See how glamours our funeral is and please compare to our weddings to see the difference) IN SHORT NO MATTER THE GREAT TALENT YOU HAVE, SOME GHANIANS PREFER NOT TO PUSH YOU UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD AND GONE THEN YOUR CORPS SHALL RECEIVE ALL THE GLORY. i now understand why the bible says in the book of John 4:44 a prophet has no honor in his own country. I know couple of Musicians including myself whom were taking for granted, accused, abused, and some did not even support our GIFTS, but as soon as we moved out of the country to go to where we are celebrated, this same people will call us every day asking *when is your album coming *its been long time we heard from you *we love your songs *please come back to Ghana, Come back to where??? lol , Well if you love my songs my old albums are still on the market have you purchased one??? INFACT WE NEED TO CHANGE OUR MENTALITY AS GHANIANS AND WE NEED TO LOVE OUR OWN. Arrest My Case!!!!

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