Shocking moment out of control Peugeot mows down students in horrific smash at a pedestrian crossing and they SURVIVE

Three teenage students cheated death after they were mown down by a car while waiting at a pedestrian crossing.
A Peugeot 307 rammed into the group head-on, hurling them in the air, with two landing some 40 feet from the initial impact.
The car careered onto the pavement, striking two of the boys a second time after they fell under the wheels as they landed, a shocking video shows.
The woman driver was seen getting out the car at Domodedovo on the outskirts of Moscow on Monday evening.

All suffered fractures and two have head injuries but they will all survive.


She then appeared to freeze in shock when she saw the three lying motionless on the pavement.
A second video shows young people gathering around the boys giving first aid before ambulances arrive.

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