Patapaa finally opens up on over-sized suit he wore to the VGMAs

Swedru-based musician, Patapaa Amisty, has spoken for the first time about why he chose the apparel he appeared in at the 19th edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards which was held in Accra on April 14.

Speaking in an interview with Accra-based Zylofon FM, the ‘One Corner’ singer who was nominated in the ‘Most Popular Song’ category revealed that his intention of wearing the suit was to get people talking.

According to the musician, his main aim was to trend on social media to get people to talk about him for a long time. He added that patrons were even left off the hook because he intended wearing ‘toggers’ to the awards ceremony.

The musician came to the Accra International Conference Center in Accra with the objective to win the coveted ‘Most Popular Song’ award but he was beaten by Northern region based act, Fancy Gadam. Patapaa Amisty, became the topic of discussion on social media after he was spotted in a blue suit and ‘oversized’ trousers.

The apparel of the musician caused massive stir on social media as many internet users teased the singer for wearing clothes that appeared to be bigger than him.

Many Ghanaians including Funny Face, took to their social media handles to mock the ‘One Corner’ singer. Patapaa, after missing out on the ‘Most Popular Song’ award, was seen storming out of the Accra International Conference Center in anger and alleged that he had been cheated by the organizers of the awards ceremony.


 He went on to purport that winner of the category, Fancy Gadam, had paid a bribe to the organizers to get the award which he did not deserve. He went on to lament the fact that the whole auditorium was rooting for him so he could not fathom why the award was not given to him.

Patapaa took Ghana by storm with his song when it went viral on social media and even crossed the borders of the country.

The song came to be associated with a weird dance that got people doing many unthinkable things all in the name of dancing to the song.

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