I bought a car, how much more a t-shirt – Kuami Eugene clears air on faded shirt saga

The most criticized class of people in the world are those who find themselves in the limelight especially celebrities and one of the things fans tend to look out for is their fashion sense.

One celebrity who has been caught in the web of wardrobe malfunction is rising star Kuami Eugene. He was on the critics’ board for wearing a “faded black shirt” to Ebony’s one-week observation which was held on February 18.

Social Media thought it was a big deal when he was spotted in the shirt. Some of the reactions include: “Buh Kuami Eugene, why na you dey sing Epixode’s “We change color, we change color, Avataaaar–Kojo Frimpong”
“Guys relax give Kuami Eugene, I sure say na as he dey search the shirt wear, he had his shades on, so he nor see say ebi the parazonic shirt he chose, e come reach there wey he see say yawa gb333. Moral of the lesson, avoid shades”—-David Lamptey.

When it was assumed that the issue had died down, a fan sought to find clearance on why he wore such a shirt to a function during an interview on ‘Breakfastlive with Nikki Samonas’.

The Angela hitmaker admitted that although he was unfazed by critics, he looked forward to answering the questions posed by the concerned public. He explained that there are various shades of the colour black. According to him, it all depends on individual’s preference.

“Okay so we have shades of black. We have deep black, we have blue black, we have faded black, we have tattered black and as I said earlier, the fact that anything I do people take time to assess it actually mean that anything you do people want to talk about it,” he said.

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