Becca bleaches to the extreme and Ghanaians can’t think far

It’s quite odd for Becca, a singer who once inspired many women about how great it feels to hold onto our African heritage has now taken a U-turn years later.

The female hiplife artist became the bleaching topic on the mouth of Ghanaians somewhere last year when her complexion started to appear super light compared to her previous photos.

Becca was the epitome of African beauty. She was everything a true African woman is. But for some unknown reason, Becca who was affectionately labelled African woman is now as white as Michael Jackson or better still Donald Trump.

The adorable singer was accused of draining away every pint of melanin in her skin to achieve a relatively fair skin tone.

The Zylofon Media artist Becca real name Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa is slowly throwing away the real colour of her skin as her recent photos show clearly that indeed she has gone the extreme.

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