A Visit To Nakuru ‘Church Of Satan’

Located a few meters off the Nakuru-Nairobi highway, on your way to Nakuru PGH, is the most controversial building in Nakuru.

This is said to be the worship house of devil worshipers in the lakeside town and is associated with a number of Nakuru politicians, including a former top government official and a number of successful businesspeople.

The church-like building always evokes fears as you walk along the quiet road. Sometimes, birds atop the lush green trees along the path call you with their sweet melodies.

Though many do not know the exact business conducted inside the compound, many say the premise houses suspicious activities every Friday night.

There are claims that worshipers strip naked before entering the church while facing backward.

This writer once witnessed weird movements within the ‘church’ one night.

As a high school student between 2010 and 2013, I frequented the route as I cycled from home to Moi Secondary School and back.

One Friday, at the tail end of my course, after long hours of revision in preparation for the final exams in school, I noticed some locomotion at the premises as heavy guzzlers went in.

However, being a young and uninterested student who was in a hurry to get home, I simply watched, ignored, got on top of my ‘Raja’ bike and cycled downhill.

As a journalist, I decided to unravel the mysterious business in this church where rumour mills have it that even a former president used to attend at night.

My efforts were however thwarted as there was no one to grant me access or talk to me.

The metallic gate was locked from inside. Not even my knocks attracted anyone.


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