50 Cent Backs Off Clowning Atlanta Out Of Respect For 2 Chainz

50 Cent may seem like a cold-blooded maverick, but that’s not to say he can’t be reasoned with. After unleashing open war upon Atlanta’s male population yesterday, Fif has since decided to ease up on his assault. It all started after 50 Cent wrote “”LOL Atlanta is outta control, it’s 7 women to 1 man down there because the boys want the boys. Don’t worry ladies ??‍♂️? I’m on the way.” Alongside the since-deleted caption, was a young gentleman in a state of undress. Naturally, some wondered why 50 harbored such an obsession with Atlanta’s particular fashion aesthetic, though theories of that nature are better suited for teatime.

Either way, a tenuous peace seems to have been reached, thanks to the diplomatic skills of Atlanta legend 2 Chainz. 50 posted a picture of Tity Boi, albeit a somewhat silly one, alongside the caption “LOL @2chainz said nah FIF you can’t do us like that, but there do be some fuck shit going on. ?get the strap.” It seems likely that 50 Cent will stand down for the time being, although the remaining “fuck shit” may prove too irksome to let die. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Fif weigh in the minute a prominent rapper dons a blouse and/or murse.

In the mean time, it’s suits and “get the strap” apparel for the Get Rich Or Die Trying rapper.

Source:Mitch Findlay

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