5 Things That Lead Women Into Prostitution

Prostitution is illegal in Kenya. Many women have entered into this business for various reasons.

Some get in knowingly while others are dragged into it unknowingly. This is a business many thriving in major towns across the country.

But have you ever asked yourself why those who do this business actually do it? Here are five reasons that lead women into prostitution:

Look for money

Due to hard economic times and high unemployment rates, some women have taken prostitution as their part-time job. It is reported that some women make up to Sh20,000 per day in this business. This is way high than anyone working gets per day.

Love for sex

Some women are sex-maniacs. Their love for sex has led them into prostitution as they are never satisfied with one man. They have opted to have sex for enjoyment while at the same time getting some cash out it.

Hard life

There are many women who are in this business due to hardship. Some women are forced out of their homes only to land in the city and get nothing to do. They end up in this business and they cannot get out of it because they have nothing else to do.


Some women are in this business to take revenge on men. A certain woman from Kibera testified she became a prostitute to infect men with HIV/AIDs after she was infected with the dreaded virus by a man she trusted.

Therefore, she uses prostitution as an avenue for revenge.


Some women who like clubbing have been gradually seen to turn into prostitutes out of pleasure that comes with partying. With time, they get so hooked to the pleasures of alcohol and end up in prostitution.

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